Recover, Warm-up,
Strengthen .

Have a finger injury?

Want keep your fingers warm in between attempts?

Want to strengthen your fingers?

Climbing Gogor is a 3 in 1 climbing device designed to exercise, warm up and recover your fingers.

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Small, Light, Adjustable. Simple.

Adjust the springs inside to tailor your goals, whether it’s recovering,, warming up, …

Flexibility at your fingertips!

  • Resistance from 0kg to 20kg and adjustable in a 20%.

  • Option to change the crimp.

  • Indicator of displacemet.

Reproduces the same gesture as when climbing.

Many possibilities!

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Benefits of Gogor

Climbing GoGor is a small device that allows you to exercise the phalanges of your fingers.  This is very important in activities such as climbing, where the phalanges are exposed to high force loads. These loads can lead to serious injuries, such as pulley breakage. Climbing GoGor reproduces the same gesture as when climbing.

Climbing GoGor allows you to warm up and keep your fingers warm during climbing and bouldering, thus promoting blood flow to the tendons and pulleys.
Do you have an injured finger? You can exercise it with the appropriate resistance at the office or while sitting on the couch at home and accelerate your recovery, measuring displacement and pain threshold.

Ok, but... what makes Climbing GoGor different?


Climbing GoGor is a small device the size of a mobile phone that allows you to exercise your fingers inside the pocket while you take a break from climbing, keeping your fingers ready for the next attempt.

Its wide range of resistances (from 0kg to 20kg) and it provides a natural movement, smooth but as hard or soft as you wish. It will serve you well whether you're going strong or recovering from an injury.

Climbing GoGor offers you a range of different crimps, just choose the one you want at that moment, attach it to the device, adjust the resistance with the springs and regulator, and you are ready to exercise your fingers. Its ruler together with its indicator will allow you to measure movement.


Maybe you're a climbing fanatic or athlete like us? Do you want us to solve the unknown, the darned variable? Yes, we mean adherence to rock, grip.

Climbing GoGor is working to provide you with a special crimp that, when adhered to it, will allow you to objectively quantify the adherence or grip conditions of the day. You will be able to know which days are better and which are worse to achieve that project you are looking forward to.

Resistance configurations depending on the spring combination

Each user has the option to modify the resistance force through combinations of springs in an easy and simple way. By purchasing a single device you can create all possible combinations to achieve different resistance forces. The extra spring kit will be sold separately, and/or will be included in the GOGOR FULL option.

The standard GOGOR is endowed with 2, 3 and 4kg springs that allow you to configurate it with resistances of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 kg, adjustables by the regulator in a 20%. The FULL option comes with two extra springs:

Pre Order Options

Do you want to pre-order one? Subscribe by leaving us your email and soon we will send you the details so you can pre-order a Climbing GoGor like the one in the picture at the best price.


35% discount for the first 150 preorder units.


For 55€ you will receive a Gogor device, a kit for small hands and 3 sets of springs.


You will receive all in one, 1 Gogor unit, 4 sets of springs and 2 crimps; the standar one and another where your little finger will fit perfectly.


3 Climbing Gogor with the standar crimp and 3 set of springs.

Gogor history

In May 2024 we will launch crowdfunding on the Ulule platform for the pre-sale of Gogor and if all goes well in December 2024 the devices will be shipped to their buyers. Do not miss yours.


We are three friends united by climbing and its consequent injuries.

What do the experts say about Gogor?

Climbers, trainers, and physiotherapists talk about their experience with Gogor.

Media presence

Stay tuned!

Project awarded with the CEIN's  INÍCIATE  PRIZE.

Made in Basque Country

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